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Information about Your Online Shop

Providing affordable online shop design and development
About Peter Day, owner of Your Online Shop
An interview with Peter Day, about online shop design, development and marketing
History - Over 20 years of design experience.
Company Mission
Company Vision
Website design awards
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Providing affordable ecommerce website design

Your Online Shop was created by Peter Day to provide an affordable and fully customised online shop design solution specifically for small and new businesses. Until now, setting up and running an online shop and selling your products online was either too expensive, or too restrictive for small and new businesses to do. The alternatives have been to either spend many thousands of dollars with an development company who would create a customised ecommerce website using expensive licensed and proprietary technologies, or to use a run of the mill template based, off the shelf shopping cart style online shop, where you can be charged a setup fee, transaction fees on each sale and an on-going monthly fee just to use your shop. This meant the success of your online business relied heavily upon the other company staying in business. If they go out of business so do you, because you cant transfer your online shop elsewhere.

Your Online Shop design and develop online shops differently. They quickly create you a very affordable, customised online shop using free open source technologies like PHP and MSYQL. Have you heard the saying "There is no point in re-inventing the wheel"? Your Online Shop have, which is why their online shops are built around open source shopping cart technologies, so you dont have to pay to develop something that already exists and is proven to work.

With an online shop custom designed by Your Online Shop, there are no licensing fees to pay, no transaction fees, no monthly usage fees and no quirky company specific software that forever locks you in to any one website design company. Plus you get the freedom to have your online shop hosted wherever you want, giving you the security and peace of mind when operating your online business.

About Peter Day, owner of Your Online Shop

melbourne ecommerce website designer Peter Day
Customer service is Peter´s passion. Understanding the value of personal attention has shaped how he does business. This personal approach helps Peter better understand your business and your business´s online store design needs.

Peter Day
~ Proprietor
~ Web, Online Shop and Ecommerce Developer
~ Graphic Designer
~ Webmaster
~ Search Engine Optimation Professional
~ Internet Marketing Professional

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An interview with Peter Day, about ecommerce and online shop development and design

Describe your company in just a few words.
Affordable, creative and very helpful.
How was your company name chosen?
To reflect the diverse skills required to design and support businesses selling and marketing online. Selling goods online is more than just having a company provide you a shopping cart. Its about ensuring the online shop delivers a return for its owner. This can be more quickly achieved by making it easy for customers to buy items through clever online shop design and by making it easier to find my clients products on the internet through website promotion, website marketing and search engine optimisation.
What´s your business philosophy?
To provide clients with the most affordable and functional customised online shop solution available. To maintain my clients satisfaction with their online shop, to be there to assist in the on-going running and management of their online shop and to help grow their on line shop into a strong ecommerce business.
Describe your office environment.
My office can be anywhere - at a traditional office,, at my clients or even informal places like a cafe. All of my work is performed on a lapto, which is set it up to run as a portable Web Server. This allows me to work on and demonstrate functioning online shops to clients anywhere, at any time.
What technologies do you use when designing and developing online shops?
My main work computer is an Apple Macbook pro running Apache 2 web server, PHP 5 and MySQ 5. For straight coding, I use BBEDIT and for website design and layout, I use Dreamweaver. To create and edit website images, I use Photoshop.
What makes you different from other web design companies?
I take time to listen to what the clients wants in an online shop and then work hard to provide the best and most cost effect solution to their requirements. Understandably, most clients have only a little knowledge of what is required to develop and operate an online shop. This is due to the complex technologies used in ecommerce development, so I try to avoid speaking to clients using complex technical terminology and instead explain with language that is far less confusing.
How do you get the majority of your business?
By referrals from clients I have designed online shops for and the through my website on the internet.
What do you think is the most crucial element of creating a good client relationship?
Clear communication is the key. Online shops rely on advanced technology to operate and as a client, you need to know exactly what sort of online shop you are getting and that its what you want. Thats why I make sure everything I explain about the project is in plain english, without using lots of technical terms. As you learn more about your online shop operation and as your online business grows, you will have questions and request modifications to your online shop. I believe it is important to respond to these requests promptly and do not want to keep clients waiting. This is why I am happy for clients to contact me directly on my mobile, personal email and even at home.
How do you manage demanding clients?
With patience. I understand my clients online shop is important to them and the technology behind the design can be very confusing.
If a client was trying to decide between a shortlist of web design companies, how would you recommend they go about selecting the right one for them?
Ask for testimonials from clients who have had online shop completed. Contact them and ask if they are satisfied with the service and would they recommend them for online shop development. Look at the companies previous online shop development work. Do you like what they have done? Find out how long have they been in business. See how fast their online shops run on the internet. Ask them can you regularly download a copy of the database for your online shop - all online shops need a database to run. Ask if you can host your online shop elsewhere. Is the technology used to create your online shop free and open source, or has the technology been designed only by this website design company. If its not open source you could be locked in to using only that designers technology. If they go out of business what will you do. Find out if its easy and what it might cost to change and modify your online shop as your online business grows.
Where do you see your company in 10 years time?
To continue to be a successful online shop design and development solution for small business. To stay ahead of the changes taking place in ecommerce and the the way business is conducted using the world wide web.
Where do you see the online shop industry in the future?
Its an exciting and high growth industry. Sales over the internet of all types of merchandise, are expanding at an unbelievably fast rate. The internet uniquely provides the possibilities for anyone to sell and market their goods and services to the world, cheaply and effectively.
If you were to give your clients one tip on how to get the most from their online shop what would it be?
Take time every week to update your online shop with fresh new information and content. This will help keep customers interested in your products and they will be more confident to buy from you. It will also help with your search engine ranking position.

History - Over 20 years of design experience.

Your Online Shop is a part of PDA Design, a graphic design business established in 1987 by Peter Day. PDA Design´s purpose was to provide a ´one stop shop´ offering a complete range of design and print services, with a commitment to service, quality and value. Success followed as PDA Design quickly become a cost effective alternative to main stream ad design agencies, graphic designers and printers. In the early 1990´s, with the world wide web proving a viable means of reaching more clients, Peter combined his design, computer programming and internet technology knowledge to begin designing websites for businesses to help them enter this new and exciting domain. Today Your Online Shop provides a quality of online shop developemnt professionalism, gained from over 20 years of "hands on" design experience, catering specifically to the needs of small to medium sized businesses.


Your on-line Shop´s mission is to provide you with the most affordable and functional customised ecommerce website design available. Apply the latest search engine optimisation techniques for ecommerce website design to make it easy for potential customers to find your items on search engines. Offer you practical and effective ecommerce website promotion strategies that will help build your ecommerce business. Maintain your satisfaction with your ecommerce website by being there to assist you in the on-going management of your ecommerce website, helping grow your on line store into a strong ecommerce business.


Your Online Shop´s vision for the future is to continue to be a successful online shop development, search engine optimisation and website marketing solution for small business. To always stay ahead of the changes taking place in ecommerce, search engine optimisation, website marketing and the way business is conducted on the world wide web.

Website design awards

on line shop award
International Association of Web Masters & Design
Gold Award 2004
website design silver award
The World Wide Web Award 2004
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