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Add a Google Site Search to your online store

Thursday 13 October, 2011

You can now incorporate a Google search engine into your online store to make it easy for shoppers to find your products and help increase sales. You can even make money by including Googles AdSense for Search.

So what is Google Site Search?

Google Site Search is a Google search box that appears on your own online store that allows your shoppers to find your products using Googles own search algorithm and database. Shoppers type in what they are looking for and Google shows them a list of pages from your own shop that fit the search queries. It works just like a traditional Google search, except it only shows the pages from your online store. However to get an accurate result, Google must have your product pages in their listings first, before they can show them on your ecommerce website. To get around this, Google offer on-demand indexing, or a quicker Google listing of pages in your online store, usually with in 24 hours. This speedy indexing only affects search result listings shown on your online store, using your shops unbuilt Google search engine. It doesnt improve your sites ranking, how many of your stores pages Google will list, or the normal Google organic search result listings found when searching using Google Site Search allows you to give preference to what product pages are listed first for top search results and from specific product categories. You can also influence the search results based on when the product was added to your store, ie new products can be shown first!


How much does it cost?
Good news is thats its free from Google. You are however, limited a maximum of 100 pages, but after that its currently $100 per year for up to 500 pages, $250 per year for up to 2000 pages, $750 per year for up to 5000 pages and $2000 per year for up to 10000 pages. Also the free site search displays your competitors Googles Sponsored adds above your own product pages listings - not so good when your selling products. Of course if you take the paid option, these sponsored adds wont appear.

So is Google site search of any benefit to my online store?
That will depend on how many products you sell online, how many visitors you have to your online store and whether you can afford the yearly fees.
If you are selling online, the free site search may actually harm your business as it shows your competitors products and website. If you are a small online retailer selling less than 500 items the money is worth it.  If you have an online shop that has hundreds of visitors a day searching for products it may be a good investment, because Google site search doesnt use your own online stores database to find your items It uses Googles "Cloud" database and algorithm instead. This has 2 main benefits, firstly it means shoppers can get a faster result from searches and everyone knows faster websites make for a more enjoyable online shopping experience and therefore increase sales. Secondly as it uses Google search algorithm it can deliver a more accurate search result, finding more quickly what your shopper wants to buy.

If you think Google Site Search can be a useful tool for increasing sales, it can be added to your online store for $100 plus gst fully installed.
You can see a demonstration of the Google Site Search on the Advanced demonstration online shop

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