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Adding MP3 music to your online store

A step by step guide to adding MP3 music to your online store.

If you sell audio online its essential that visitors to your store can preview a sample of the audio before they buy from you.
Your Online Shop offers an optional enhancement that allows shoppers to listen to a sample using a Flash Audio player thats built into the products page (See below). Because the player uses Flash, there is no risk of shoppers or competitors copying and using the audio files.

You can have as many files as you like.

Step 1.

When you first login to your admin click the Products icon.

If you are already in your admin click the Categories/Products link.

Step 2.

Locate the product you want to add audio to.
Select the product by clicking once on the products name

Then click the MP3 Manager button.

Step 3.

Create a folder on your website where the audio files will reside by entering a name in the box. By default the products name will be entered automatically.

You can enter upto 28 characters only. Just enough to fill the box.
When choosing a folder name, use only standard alphabetical and numerical characters. (ie abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ) Capitals and spaces are ok. Dont use characters like ' or " or & or ?.

Then click the Create button.

Step 4.

You will see new screen telling you the folder was created successfully.
If you get an error its usually because the folder name contains non standard characters.

Click the continue button.

Step 5.

Click the Browse button and locate the audio file on your computer.
When you have found the file you want, click the Upload button. This will upload the file to your website.
You can add as many files as you like - just repeat step 4.

When the file is uploaded you will see it appear in the mp3 player as well as being listed with its file size.

If you want to delete a file, click the Delete button alongside the files name.

What are the file specifications?

The file needs to be Mp3 format. Either stereo or mono.
The file size is to be no larger than 1.9 megabytes in size.  Files larger than this will not load to the website. The larger the file is the longer it takes before a visitor can listen to the audio - 1 meg files are best.