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Adding or editing an Information page

How to add, edit or delete information pages

Information pages are pages that provide information to shoppers about your business and online store.

For example an information page could be an About Us page, Conditions Policy page, Delivery Information page.

You can create as many information pages as you want and they appear as links in the left column.

When an Information link is clicked, the visitor will be taken to the appropriate page.

Creating an Information Page

Information pages are created in the Admin side of your online store.

Step 1.

Once you have logged into your admin, click on the Marketing link in the left column and click on the Information Page link.

Step 2.

If you would like to create a new Information Page, click the NEW button located at the right side of the page.
If you would like to edit an existing Information Page, click the EDIT button located at the right side of the page.
If you would like to delete an existing Information Page, click the DELETE button located at the right side of the page.

Step 3.

One you have clicked on either the NEW or EDIT button you will be taken to a page where you can create or edit the information page.

a. The Page Link Name box.  This is where you enter the name of the link that will be displayed in the left side column under the Information Heading of your online store. eg If you are creating an about us page, then the link would be About Us.

b. Sort Order. Enter in this box the order in which you want the link to appear. If you want is to be the first link then enter the digit 1. If you want is to be the second link then enter the digit 2 and so on.

c. Do you want to display this page now. You can decide to show the page your are creating now or later. Selecting Dont Display allows you to work on your information page with out it being viewed by visitors to your online store. You can later make the page viewable to visitors by editing this page and selecting Display.

d. Contents. This is where you would create the page itself. All of the tools needed to create your information page are available in the tool bar directly above the large data entry box.

Step 4.

Once you are happy with your page you click the PREVIEW button. Clicking this button shows you the information page you have created.

Step 5.

If you are happy with your new information page click the INSERT button. If you are editing a page click the UPDATE button.