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Changing your logo

How to change your logo on your e commerce website

The Standard Logo Manager allows you to display 1 logo banner on your website. You can change this logo in your sites Admin.

The Enhanced Logo Manager allows you to have a collection of logos - as many as you want. Each page viewed will automatically display a different logo, which is selected at random from your collection of logos. You can also set a start and finish date for displaying a logo. Great for promoting products and specials in your logo banner.

Step 1.

To change the logo on your e commerce website, go to your Admin, then click on the Marketing Button.

Step 2.

Then click the link "Logo Manager".


Step 3.

You will now see your current logo displayed. Select the logo by clicking ONCE on it. In right side you will then see an edit button.


If you have the Enhanced Logo Manger, you will see all your available logos. You can choose which logos you want to display by clicking the "Status" icon. Click on the Green icon to show the logo, or click on the Red icon if you dont want to show the logo.
Each logo that has its status set to Green (or Active), will be selected at random to be displayed. Every page visited by a shopper can then display a different logo.


Step 4.

Click the "Edit" button. This will take you to a new page which will display the details about your logo.

Step 5.

Logo Title

The Logo Title gives your logo a name that helps identify your logo. Choosing the best name is quite important which has the following effects.

    1.  Tells Search Engines like Google what the logo is and what your site is about.
    2.  Tells visitors what the logo name is when they hover their mouse over the logo.
    3.  Is used as the ALT TAG in the logo image - Good for SEO.
    4.  The Title Name will be displayed instead of an image in web browsers that cant display images.

When naming the Title its important to follow these rules:
    1. Use only alphabetical characters, ie a to z.
    2. Dont use special characters, ie # ! ( ) * ;
    3. You can use lowercase and uppercase letters.
Also you can use spaces in between words. eg. My Sites Logo

To change the Title of your logo enter the new title in the box named "Logo Title"

Step 6.

Exact Logo Size

It is important to have the logo at the correct size. This ensures you logo wont look distorted or blurry and fits exactly where it should.

The default logo size is 1000 pixels wide x 135 pixels high. The height can be changed to what ever you like, but the width must always be 1000 pixels. To change the logo height go to Admin->My Store->Logo Height and change it to whatever you like.

Step 7.

Uploading the Image File
To ensure you website loads quickly its a good idea to have your logo optimised so its file size is as small as possible. There is a compromise when optimising your logo because the smaller the file size, the lower the quality of the image. A good rule of thumb is the file size should be no bigger than 100kb.

Image specifications
To ensure you logo is optimised the following specification are required.

Size:  1000 pixels wide x 135 pixels high.(A height of 135 the default size)
Format:  .jpg, .gif, .png, .jpeg
Colour:  RGB
Resolution:  72ppi
Jpg compression: Medium Quality 8, Baseline Standard.

Naming your image
When naming the image follow these guidelines.
• Use only alphabetical characters, ie a to z.
• Dont use special characters, ie # ! ( ) * ;
• Use only lowercase letters.
• Dont use spaces in between words. Use the dash symbol instead eg. my-sites-logo-banner.jpg

Selecting the image
To select and upload your logo image, click the "Choose" button and locate the image on your computers hard drive.

If you already have a logo image appearing on your website, the image will be displayed on the page below the Browse Button. If you want to delete that image, tick the box "Tick to Delete the Image". The logo will be then be deleted from your website. You will need to upload a new image to replace the one you have deleted.

Step 8.

Clickable URL

You can decide to have your logo clickable. When a visitor clicks on the logo, they will be redirected to a particular web page or website.

This can be useful if you have a particular product on special and have advertised this product in your logo banner. When a visitor clicks on the logo, they will be taken to the product you have on special.

If the desired URL is a page on your website, eg a particular product, category, or service, enter the URL like this:
• For the contact page:  contact_us.php
• For a particular products page:  product_info.php?cPath=68&products_id=86
• For a particular Category:  index.php?cPath=57
• For a the Specials Page:  specials.php
• For a particular Information Page:  information1_info.php?page_1_id=13

If the URL is another website enter the complete URL eg. - Its not Good SEO practice to have the logo redirecting to another website and its not nessacary to have the logo banner redirect to your home page.

If you dont want to have a clickable logo, leave the box empty.

Step 9.

Choosing a Starting and Finishing Date - Advanced Logo Manger Enhancement Option Only.

This option allows you to choose a date range when you want a logo to be displayed. This is useful if you have a promotion starting on a certain date and want to advertise this in your logo.

The Starting Date

If a schedule date is set, the logo will be activated on that date.
All scheduled logos have their status marked as deactivate until their date has arrived, when they will then be marked active.
Leave blank if you want the logo to show now.

The Expiry Date

If an expiry date is set, the logo will no longer show on that date.
Leave blank if you do not want the logo expire.

Step 10.


To change the existing logo, click the "Update" Button

Advanced Logo Manger Enhancement Option Only.
To insert the new logo click the "Insert" Button -

Note: The "Cancel" Button will return you to the main screen, without creating or saving your changes.