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Discount Coupons

Reward your customers by sending them a Discount Coupon.
The coupon code can be generated by your website or you can specify your own. (the image below shows the code as LOYALTY).
Your customer enters the discount code at the checkout to get their discount.

The discount amount can be:
• A percentage value
• A specific dollar amount

The discount coupon can be applied to:
• All or just individual products
• All or Individual Customers
• Products from certain manufacturers.
• A specific date or date range.
• To a minimum order dollar value.
• To a minimum order quantity.

You can also specify
• How many times a coupon can be used by a particular customer
• How many coupons in total can be used

Customer 'A' gets $20 off next purchase.
Customer 'B' gets $30 off purchase if over $200.
All customers get 10% off for the next 2 weeks
All customers get 20% off for today only
All customers get $20 off a particular product for the next 3 days
All customers get $20 off all products by a particular manufacturer until all 50 coupons have been used
Plus lots more combinations!!!


Price $200 plus gst fully installed