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Gift Certificates

Customers can buy and email Gift Certificates to family and friends, which they can then use to buy products on your ecommerce web site.

$200 Plus GST Fully Installed.

How do I create Gift Certificates for my online store?
You can create as many Gift Certificates as you need and they can be of any value you want.
Gift Certificates are added to your ecommerce web site in the same way you would add any product to your online store.

How are Gift Certificates purchased by shoppers?
Gift Certificates are purchased by shoppers in the same way as any other product on your online store.

How are Gift Certificates used on my online shop?
Customers that have purchased Gift Certificates can then email the Gift Certificate to people they know.
The value of the sent Gift Certificates sent, can be up to the total value of available funds in your Customers Gift Certificate Account.

Where do shoppers redeem their Gift Certificate?
Shoppers who have received a Gift Certificate can choose to redeem their Gift Certificate when they are deciding which payment method to use for their purchase.
This happens during the checkout process, on the Payment Information page.

Are the Certificates secure to use?
All Gift Certificates bought on your online store must be approved by you, the store admin, before they can be used.
This eliminates the problem of shoppers buying a Gift Certificate and then using them to buy your products before your payment has been received.