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Google Analytics no longer reports all the search terms.

Wednesday 19 October, 2011
Today Google announced that if a visitor to your site is logged into their Google account, your Google Analytics wont show you what search terms, keywords or keyphrases the visitor used to find you. At the moment it only affects searches on, but in sure it will be on Google Australian searches soon. So why is Google doing this? They claim they want to "protect personalized search results", however I am skeptical as Google Analytics doesnt provide individual information about the visitors to your site. Google Analytics mostly provides the visitors IP address, the search terms, location, browser type and computer system - hardly "personal information". Also Google have said that they will continue to provide you with your visitors "personal information" through Google Analytics, if you have a paid Google Sponsored add campaign with them. A double standard dont you think?  Google claim that this change will "affect only a minority of your traffic", again Im skeptical because this does effect searches from visitors who are logged into their Gmail accounts and visitors who use Google+.  

This move definitely casts doubts over Google Analytics ability to provide accurate and useable information to website owners who use Google Analytics to help make it easier for visitors to find their site.  I dont think Google are being up front about this change and this is quite clearly a breach of Google's own first rule, Do no evil. Maybe its time to use Bing for searches.

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