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Google ranking algorithm improved - How it affects your website

Friday 04 November, 2011
Today Google announced a significant improvement to their ranking algorithm. This is building on Googles Caffeine web indexing system completed last year that allowed Google to show fresh content quickly and on a larger scale. So how will this change affect my websites ranking in an organic search result listings. According to Google it will affect roughly 35 percent of searches, this is a much greater affect on search results than when Caffeine was introduced, giving this change the potential to have a dramatic affect on your websites rankings. At the Core of this change to the algorithm is Googles ability to provide more "fresh" content and serve the most up to the minute answers in search results.

Google give the following example of how it will affect a search result.
"If I search for "olympics", I probably want information about next summer’s upcoming Olympics, not the 1900 Summer Olympics.  Google Search uses a freshness algorithm, designed to give you the most up-to-date results, so even when I just type "olympics" without specifying 2012, I still find what I’m looking for"

What this means is that Google will try to give preference to the latest or most frequently updated website pages over webpage content that was created some time ago. Google acknowledge that different searches do have different freshness needs and that not all searches require this, which is why the change will affect only 35% of searches.

How can I take advantage of this change?
Firstly you must remember that there are over 200 factors Google take into account when determining where and how to show your web pages in an organic search result listing. Things like backlinks, popularity, authority, lots of good content etc. are still the big players determining your web pages rankings. With that said though, this algorithm change does give you an excellent opportunity to leap ahead of your competitors and get more sales.
Here are a few tips.

1.Regually update the majority of your websites pages with fresh and relevant material incorporating important keywords.
2. Take steps to change your home page content every week.
3. Add a latest news blog with an rss feed to your website and show the latest news summary on your home page.
4. Add an articles blog with an rss feed to your website and entice visitors to write comments.
5. Ensure you have an up to date sitemap.xml file and that it uses the appropriate last mod date, change freq and priority parameters.
6. Submit the relevant sitemap.xml files and rss feeds to Google.

Your Online Shops ecommerce websites give you the freedom to quickly and easily change the content on your home page and we can add a news blog and articles blog, all with rss feeds to your online store, as well as an automated sitemap generator to ensure your sitemaps are are always up to date.

To find out if your online store can take advantage of these, contact Peter Day to discuss further.

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