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How to create Categories and Sub Categories

Instructions on how to create Categories and Sub Categories using your ecommerce web site

Creating Categories and Sub Categories to your ecommerce web site is fast and easy.
If you would like information on which web browser and computer you should be using, there is information on this web site here.

An unlimited amount of Categories can be created and Categories can be created or placed inside other Categories.
The first level of Categories are called the Main Categories. These are the Categories that first appear on the left column of your store, before they are clicked.

Sub Categories
Categories that appear inside Categories are called Sub Categories. You can have as many Sub Categories as you want. Dont go too deep with Sub Categories (3 is enough) as some Search Engines wont follow them so cant find and list your products.


When you first login to your admin you click the "Products" icon.

If you are already in your admin click the Categories/Products Link


Step 2.

Creating Categories and Sub Categories

To create a Main Category you click the  "New Category" button at the bottom center of the page.

To create a Sub Category, you must first open the main Category by clicking on the "Folder" icon of the chosen Category. This will open a new page. If there are further Sub Categories (Folders) you can click on them too. Once you in the desired Sub Category, click the  "New Category" button at the bottom center of the page.


Enter the required information.

A. Category Name: This is the name of the Category or Sub Category. Dont make the name too long - 20 characters is enough.

B. Category Image: Main Categories do not need an image and are not displayed on your store. However Sub Categories can and should have an image. The best type of image is a .jpg although you can also use gif and png. The correct size for the image is 100 pixels x 100 pixels at 72ppi and RGB. Click the browse button to locate the image on your computer.

C. Sort Order: Insert a number here. This will determine in what order the Category will appear. Number 1 means first. If you dont place a number and leave it blank, the sort order will default to alphabetical order. If more than one Category has the same number, they will sort by number first, then by alphabetical order.


Click the "Save" button when you are finished.

Editing, Moving and Deleting Categories and Sub Categories
You can rename and change the sort order of a Category by clicking the "Edit" Button
You can delete a Category by clicking the "Delete" Button
You can move a Category or Sub Category by clicking the "Move" Button

Moving a Category or Sub Category
After clicking the "Move" Button, you choose where you want the Category moved to by using the dropdown menu named "Move to:"
Then click the "Move" Button.