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How to create, edit and delete your online stores email accounts

Detailed step-by-step instructions to assists in managing your online store email accounts.

You can create, edit and delete your online stores email accounts as well as view the online shops webmail, by accessing your web sites hosting manager - CPANEL.

You need to have the information you were sent when your website hosting was first set up. If you dont have these details let us know.
The details you require are:
1. The link to your CPANEL
2. Your username
3. Your Password.

CPANEL is protected by a strong 256bit SSL Certificate, which means your user name, password and any information sent to, or and received by your web browser, while using CPANEL is secure. There is also a number of additional security measures Your Online Shop takes to ensure the information contained in your CPANEL is safe from hackers.

When logging in to your CPANEL, please ensure you use the correct user name and password. As a security precaution, more than 3 incorrect attempts to login to your CPANEL will cause you too be locked out of your CPANEL. If this occurs you will need to wait perhaps an hour or more before you can try again. The more attempts you make, the longer you must wait before you can try again. If you have forgotten your password, please email us.
And finally KEEP YOUR LOGIN DETAILS SAFE and change your password when necessary.

Accessing your email accounts.

Once you have logged in to your CPANEL,  you can access your stores email accounts by clicking the
"MAIL" icon

in the CPANEL

Your EMAIL ACCOUNTS area looks like this:

When you are in your EMAIL ACCOUNTS area you can do the following:
1. Create new, delete and edit email accounts yourself.
2. Change email account passwords.
3. Set mail box size quotas for each email address - eg 2 meg mailbox for one address and 10 meg for another and so on.
4. Check and send your emails when you are away from work by using "Webmail"

How to create an email account.

Step 1.
Type in the email account name you want to create in the box labeled "Email:"

Step 2.
NOTE: if you only have one domain name you can skip this step.
Select the domain name you want to use for that email account.

Step 3.
Type in your password in the box labeled "Password:" and re-type it in the box labeled " Password (again):" . IMPORTANT: You will need to remember this password to access your webmail and to set up your email account on your computer.

Step 4.
Type in the amount of space in megabytes you want to allocate to this email account in the "Mailbox Quota" box. This figure needs to be large enough to accept all your emails and attachments and small enough not to use up all your web hosting space. (If your web hosting space is used up, your website will not be seen on the net.) The normal size for email accounts that receive a lot of files as attachments would be 50meg. Enquiry type emails would be set to 10meg.  If you find you need to increase your Mailbox quota, you can change it later.

Step 5.
Click the "Create Account" button.

How to change an existing email account.

Email accounts can be edited in 3 ways.
You can:
1. Change the password.
2. Change the Mailbox Quota size.
3. Delete the account.

These actions are done by clicking on the appropriate link as shown at the left.

How to read the webmail of an email account.

All email accounts can be accessed and read as webmail. This is useful when you are away from your computer but still want to see your emails using an internet cafe or someone elses computer. Webmail for each account is accessed by
1. Clicking on the "More" button and selecting "Access Webmail".
2. You will need the password for each email account you want to access.
3. Select which webmail software you want to use to read your webmail. 

How do I set up my computers mail client (eg Windows 7 Live Mail) to recieve emails from my sites email accounts?
To set up your computers email client software to work with your webmail,  visit this page