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How to have products appear in multiple categories

A quick guide showing you how to have products appear in multiple categories.

There may be time when you will want to show a product in more than one category. Rather than duplicate an existing product and assign it a another category, you can instead 'link' an existing product to another category. This has the benefit of not having multiple listings of the same product, which can make your shop unnecessarily big and can be confusing to your shoppers.

Linking a product to multiple categories is easy - the following steps will show you how.

To link a product to another category:

Step 1.

Go to the category where the product is currently located and select the product you want to copy.

Step 2.

Click the "Copy To" button to the right side of the page.


Step 3.

Under the heading "Copy Method", tick the “Link Product " box button.   "Linked Product " will be ticked by default.
Note: If you click "Duplicate Product" you will make a another copy of your product - you dont want to do this.


Step 4.

In the dropdown menu named "Categories", select the new category you want the product to appear in.


Step 5.

To finish, Click the "Copy" button and your product will now appear in the new category as well as its original category.
1. The newly linked product in that category wont be displayed in your shop yet, so you have to change its status to "in stock” by clicking its "green icon".
2. Any changes you make to the product in one category will affect how it is displayed in all the other categories. This is because you did not duplicate a new product for that category, you were just linking that product to other categories. If you want show different product information in each category, you will need to duplicate the product instead. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the help page How to copy and duplicate products.