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How to set up Live Mail for Windows 7

Detailed step-by-step instructions for Windows Live Mail setup

The setup process is quite simple and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Incoming Mail Server Tech Details
Type: POP3
Mail Server Name: ("" is your websites domain name)
Port 110
Authentication: Password

Outgoing Mail Server Tech Details
Type: SMTP
Mail Server Name: ("" is your websites domain name)
Port 25
Authentication: None

Open Windows Mail by clicking the Start button window-start-button clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Mail.
Click the Tools menu, and then click Accounts. Click on theadd email account button located on the left, or go to Tools in the menu bar, select Accounts and click the Add button. Now choose E-mail Account.
Enter your email address, your password and display name. Ensure the Remember password box is checked otherwise Lou will have to enter the password every time you access your account. Click the Next button to continue.

In the My incoming mail server is a drop-down, select POP3
Set the incoming mail server to (´´ is your website domain name.) and Port is set to 110.
D o not tick the box labeled use ´This server requires a secure connection (SSL)´.
Ensure that log on using is set to ´Clear text authentication´ in the drop down box.
Your log on ID should be the email address you are setting the account up for. (Live mail has pre-filled this for you and there should be no reason to change it.)
The Outgoing mail server the same as your incoming mail server, ie. (´´ is your website domain name.) and Port is set to 25.
D o not tick the box labeled ´This server requires a secure connection (SSL)´.
D o not tick the box labeled ´My outgoing server requires authentication´.
Then click the Next Button

The Windows Live Mail setup process is now complete and you have a choice of setting the new account as the default by checking the box.
Click the Finish button and your done.
I you are having trouble sending or receiving mail, you will need to check that the setting are correct. The most common issues are, incorrect POP3 password, not setting the correct Ports, enabling SSL, or the wrong authentication is set.
Right-click on the email account you want to check, and select Properties.
Click the Advanced Tab and check that the outgoing SMTP port is 25, that the incoming POP3 port is 110, POP3 and SMTP SSL is not checked.