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Individual Item Delivery Charge

This delivery option allows you to set a seperate delivery cost for every product individually. You have the ability to have the delivery cost reduced if your shopper buys more than one of that particular item. You can also choose to charge a handling fee on each item purchased. The delivery charge would be the same for all shoppers purchasing that item regardless of their location. The total delivery charge is calculated at the checkout.

Product 1. If a shoppers buys this item, you might charge $15.
Product 2. If a shoppers buys one of this item, you might charge $10. If they buy 2 or more you might charge $8
Product 3. If a shoppers buys one of this item, you might charge $8. If they buy 2  you might charge $6. If they buy 3 you might charge $5

Price: $50 plus gst