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International Delivery

Offering an affordable delivery option to international shoppers is important in getting sales.

There are a three main options available.

1. Offer a flat rate globally.
This means overseas shoppers will all pay the same delivery cost regardless of their country location.

2. Airmail by Australia Post.
3. Seamail by Australia Post.

These two options connect remotely in real time to Australia Post to calculate a surprisingly accurate delivery cost. Australia Post determines the cost by calculating your location postcode, the shoppers delivery address postcode and country, the total weight of the order, including packaging, and assumes a parcel size no bigger then 100cm x 100cm x 100cm. You can choose to offer delivery with or without insurance. You can also choose to charge a handling fee and apply that to the delivery price. If you decide to use this delivery option, you will need to include the weight of a product when you are adding the product to your online store.

Limit which countries you will deliver to.
It can be risky accepting orders from certain countries. With Your Online Shop designed online stores, you can easily choose which countries can buy from you - using your sites Admin.

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