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News Blog

A cost effective and simple way to increase sales

Adding a News Blog to your online store is a very simple and cost effective way to increase sales by keeping visitors informed about your products and business, as well as improving Search Engine Result Listings which can direct more traffic to your site.

Your online shop offers you the ability to run your own News blog directly on your online store. Its easy to create an unlimited number of  professional looking news articles yourself, using the News Blogs unbuilt Page Editor, where you can quickly add images, links, stylise and colour your text, plus lots more.  Its as easy as using Facebook, or LinkedIn.

How it works

When you have finished creating your News Blog article, your article appears on your stores home page in a summarised form.When a visitor is interested in your article, they click the "More" button to read the full article.  All previous articles can be archived to be read later on, there is a search for article function and visitors can easily subscribe to your News Blog with an RSS feed so they can be automatically notified when you post a new article. You can include images, YouTube movies and links in your article too.

Great for SEO. Great for Sales.

Adding news articles on a regular basis and archiving them for later reading is great Search Engine Optimisation.
Search Engines regularly search for new content on your site, the fresher the content your site has, the more often they will visit, the better your chances  in appearing their search result listings - which can help increase sales.


  • Your latest News Blog article appears on your home page in summarised form.
  • Shoppers click on the "More" button to read your full article.
  • Create an unlimited amount of News articles.
  • Create categories for archiving your old news.
  • Visitors can use a search box to find news articles.
  • Visitors can subscribe to RSS feeds.
  • You can include images, links and YouTube videos.
  • Great for SEO

Its easy to create your own article.

An easy to use Page editor helps you create professional looking news articles that can include images, movies, links stylised text plus lots more.
News Blog for online store


You can organise your news articles into topics and sub topics, making it easy for visitors to find the news they are interested in.


Price $300 plus gst fully installed