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 Our Terms & Conditions



Our Terms and Conditions

The following is our general terms and conditions.

It covers the following:

Provide an ecommerce website, including additional options.
Website hosting
Search Engine Optimisation
Domain name registration
Product Insertion
Domain Name fowarding
SSL Certificates
Logo Design
Product Image creation, manipulation, resizing.
Support and Help.

1. Compensation

The Client retains Your Online Shop and Your Online Shop agrees to perform the following services:

1.1.1 The Website - As specified in the quotation.
Design and provide a functioning ecommerce website for the Client according to the standard website specifications and features plus any optional features agreed on.
Create custom graphics for menu bars, sites colour scheme and text.
Provide pages and links necessary to display products and/or services of the Client.
Ensure validated HTML Front Page.
Link check on all internal page links.
Upload the site to the Hosting Server.
Provide training on using the administration area of the website.

1.1.2 Hosting - As specified in the quotation.
1.1.3 Domain Name Registration - As specified in the quotation.
1.1.4 Product insertion - As specified in the quotation.
1.1.5 Search Engine Optimisation - As specified in the quotation.
1.1.6 Website Marketing - As specified in the quotation.
1.1.7 Domain Name Forwarding - As specified in the quotation.
1.1.8 Logo Design - As specified in the quotation.
1.1.9 Product Image creation, manipulation, resizing. As specified in the quotation.
1.2.0 SSL Certificates - As specified in the quotation.
1.2.1 Support and Help - As specified in the quotation.

2. Term
The Term shall be until the agreed upon website work is completed. Commencement date shall be within 1 week of the payment of the starting deposit. Your Online Shop will make every effort to meet the agreed upon date. The Client should be aware that failure to submit required information, or materials may cause subsequent delays in the production of the website.

3. Fees, Deposit and Payment
Fee is as per quotation with a deposit in the amount of $500 payable before work is commenced. The remaining amounts owing shall be due and payable when work is completed. If the Client fails to submit required information, or materials necessary for Your Online Shop to complete the work within 4 weeks of commencement of the work, the remaining fee shall be considered due and payable.

Your Online Shop agrees to complete this project within the estimated budget, unless the Client requires additional work, add-ons or services not specified in the quotation, or if client requires multiple design drafts, or repeated changes which would significantly increase work required of Your Online Shop. Your Online Shop will charge fees in addition to those specified in this Contract Agreement for additional work requested by the Client. Pricing or a Quotation for additional work is available upon request by the Client.

Your Online Shop reserves the right to charge 2.5% interest per month on all overdue balances. If it becomes necessary for Your Online Shop to bring legal action to collect any sums due under this Contract Agreement, it shall be entitled to collect, in addition to interest charged, all damages, costs of collection and legal fees.

4. Warranties
Your Online Shop represents and warrants to the Client that it has the experience and ability to perform the services required by this Contract Agreement and that it will perform said services in a professional and competent manner.
However, the Client will not determine, or exercise control as to general procedures, formats, or sub-contracting necessary to have these services meet the Client's satisfaction.

5. Independent Contractor
Your Online Shop acknowledges that the services rendered under this Contract Agreement shall be solely as an independent contractor. It is expressly understood that this undertaking is not a joint venture.

6. Confidentiality
Your Online Shop acknowledges that this Contract Agreement creates a confidential relationship between Your Online Shop and the Client and that information concerning the Client's business affairs, customers, suppliers, finances, properties, methods of operation, documentation, and other such information, whether written, oral, or otherwise, is confidential in nature. All such information concerning the Client is hereinafter collectively referred to as "Confidential Information."

7. Non-Disclosure
Your Online Shop agrees that, except as directed by the Client, it will not at any time during, or after the term of this Contract Agreement, disclose any Confidential Information to any person whatsoever.

8. Copyright
The Client agrees that copyrights to Your Online Shop's work, code and images produced in the performance of this Contact Agreement shall remain the exclusive property of Your Online Shop, and that the Client is buying a single permanent, transferrable license to use this code, work and images. The Client agrees to maintain Copyright notices in all code provided by Your Online Shop and to prevent the disclosure of Your Online Shop's server-side code or content to any unauthorised party.  This also includes Your Online Shop's images and other formats which do not lend themselves to the attachment of copyright notices.  Should the Client wish to transfer the website ownership (for example, in the event of the sale of the web site and/or the related business) Client will transfer and lose the right to use the code or other intellectual property of Your Online Shop as the single license is transferred to the new owner.  Any rights granted to the Client under this Contract Agreement shall not affect Your Online Shop’s exclusive ownership of its copyrights to code, images, work and other intellectual property.

9. Acceptance of this Contract Agreement
Payment of a deposit by the Client will be considered an acceptance of this Contact Agreement by both the Client and Your Online Shop.