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Professional Online Store Email Format.

Your Online Shop email format sends great looking and professional emails to your shoppers. This projects a very professional image of your business and improves customer confidence when buying from you online.

Your online store can automatically send emails to your customers. For example, when they first create an account, buy something from you, request a new password, or subscribe to your Newsletter. Also, as the online store administrator, you can use your website to send emails to your customers. The most common email you would send is the Updated Order Status email. This email is sent buy you to advise your customer of the progress of their order.

Following are a few examples


Order Confirmation Email

This is the email that is automatically sent to your customer when they buy from you using your ecommerce web site.

This professional design clearly shows:
Your logo and business details.
Date of purchase and your Order Number.
Billing and Delivery Addresses.
How your customer paid.
An Image of what they purchased.
Qty, Unit Price and Total Price.
The Totals area shows any delivery charges, discounts and the GST amount.
Links to your Conditions of Sale, Refunds Policy and Privacy Policy.



New Account Created Email

This is the email that is automatically sent to your customer when they first create an account on your ecommerce web site.

Order Update Email

This is the email that is sent to your customer when you update their Order Status. Its a time effective way to keep customers informed about their order. The information sent is also recorded in the customers order history, which they can see when they login to their account and in the order area of the admin - so you have a record of whats been emailed too.