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Search Engine Optimisation and Online Stores

Ecommerce websites designed with effective SEO already built in.

Your online shops ecommerce websites and online stores have been designed with Search Engine optimisation in mind and have very effective SEO properties already inbuilt in. You can be confident that Search Engines will have no difficulty listing your online stores pages and items quickly and accurately, helping you get more sales and saving you money on SE optimisation later.

Ecommerce websites designed with effective SEO already built in

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is about improving the amount of quality visitors to your ecommerce website that are from a Search Engines "Organic" search result listings or SRLs. Ultimately how may quality visitors you get to your online store, depends entirely on where you are appearing in these search result listings. The higher you appear on page one, the more visitors you will get. If your appearing somewhere on page 200 then your probably not going to get any visitors at all. So knowing this, how well Search Engines can list your online stores pages is very important to the success of your online store.

Many ecommerce website designs neglect Search Engine optimisation completely. Some ecommerce website designs claim to be SEO friendly, but make it difficult, or near impossible for Search Engines to properly navigate the online store and determine what the online store is selling.

Google says there are over 200 factors they take into account when determining where to show your websites pages in their search results listing. For obvious reasons they keep most of these details secret, however they do tell us which are the major factors affecting search result listings and there are a few basic checks you can do to see whether your online store is optimised for these important major factors.

1. Your online stores Title Heading or Title Tag.

This is the heading text that appears at the top of your web browsers window - as circled below. Humans and Search Engines can see this title on every web page and the title needs to be different on every page of your online store. More importantly, it needs to accurately tell Search Engines what the website page is about in less than 30 characters. This Title Tag is usually used by Search Engines as the heading or first line of text that appears in a search result listing.
title tags for ecommerce websites

2. Your online stores Meta Description Tag.

This is the tag cant be readily seen by humans as its contained in the html source code of the web page, but its vitally important to Search Engines as it tells in detail what the website page is about. This Meta Description Tag is also used by Search Engines as the 2nd line or description line of text that appears in a search result listing. You can see this tag by viewing the Page Source Code in your web browser.

description tags for ecommerce websites

3. H1 & H2 Heading Tags

One again these tags cant be readily seen by human visitors to your commerce website, but they tell Search Engines more what the webpage is about and should contain important keywords and phrases. You can see this tag by viewing the Page Source Code in your web browser.

4. Sitemaps and Robot files

There are 2 types of site maps and both are very important for Search Engine optimisation.

Sitemap webpage. The site map that humans can see is usually a link named Sitemap on a webpage, that when clicked lists all the pages on your website. These are useful not only for humans to locate pages on your site that they might otherwise have difficulty finding, Search Engines will find it easier to locate hard to find pages too. All Your Online Shops commerce websites have an inbuilt sitemap page that lists all your sites pages.

Sitemap.xml file. This is a page on your website that tell Search Engines what pages you want listed, when the page was created and how often the Search Engine should revisit the page. These pages cant be readily seen by human visitors and should be updated whenever you have changes on your website. Its also a good idea to submit your sitemap.xml files to Search Engines so they can quickly list your pages and have an up to date listing of all your websites current pages. There is an excellent optional feature available for Your Online Shops ecommerce websites that everyday will automatically update all the sitemap files for your website.

Robot files. This page on your website cant be readily seen by human visitors and tells Search Engines what pages you dont want listed on their search result listings. All Your Online Shops commerce websites have an inbuilt robots.txt page for your online store.

There is of course a lot more factors involved optimising your web pages, but if these few things are missing or not working correctly you will be struggling to get visitors to your online store and it will affect your sales.

online stgore seo

Search Engine Results Listing Page

Below is typical Search Results Listing page, showing where the free organic and paid sponsored advertising appears.
This shows you how little space is now available for the free organic listings and demonstrates why Search Engine Optimisation is such an important part of your online businesses success.

Ecommerce website designed for Search Engine Optimisation
Over the years the organic "Free" listing space, has been reduced dramatically. You are now competing against, not just organic listings, but paid sponsorship listings, The Yellow Pages paid listings, Image listings and video listings from Youtube.
Search Engines like "Google" and the new Microsoft Yahoo joint venture "Bing", are constantly evolving with increasingly more complex and sophisticated ways of listing your ecommerce website. Optimising your online shop for search engines, is an ongoing process that is important in bringing customers to your business. Industry websites, portals, and social networking sites are also, an excellent way of generating interest in your products and ultimately, increasing your sales.