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Securepay - Realtime Credit Card processing

Accept Credit Card payments on your online store with real time credit card processing.

You dont have to manually process payments using an EPOS device!

Offering your shoppers the ability to pay for their online purchases using their credit cards directly on your online store, is a sure way to increase sales.  But how do you process these payments? There are 2 ways you can do this. The first is to process the payments manually yourself using your EFPOS machine, and the second is to pay a third party business -  called a Payment Gateway, to do this for you. Which option best suits you will depend on the following:
• How many transactions you are doing.
• How much time you have to process transactions.
• Can you afford to pay someone else to do this for you.

If you are starting up a new business and dont know how many transactions you will be doing, or of you only have a small amount of orders that use credit cards and you have the time, you should consider processing these yourself manually using your EFPOS device. However if you are receiving a large number of orders being paid for by credit card, it makes sense to automate this process and pay a company - a Payment Gateway, to do this for you.

Securepay is a Payment Gateway owned by Australia Post. They offer a product called Securepay API which is a real time credit card processing solution that allows you to accept credit cards directly on your ecommerce website, and have those credit card details processed automatically. This removes the need for you to process these payments yourself manually. Securepay also offer some limited protection against fraud by including FraudGuard into tier Secure API product - information about FraudGuard appears later in this article.

How much does Securepay API cost?
Pricing current as of Jan 2012


FraudGuard provides you with greater control in detecting fraud and fraudulent transactions before they occur. Stopping fraudulent transactions also helps to minimise and avoid chargebacks from your bank.

The system automatically detects fraud and declines transactions. Below are some of the features of FraudGuard.
• You do not need to screen every transaction manually.
• Transaction patterns are analysed in real-time to provide immediate protection.
• Review your fraud results via our Merchant Login to streamline your FraudGuard rules.
• Choose to be notified by email if a transaction is flagged as fraudulent.
• Choose to process fraudulent transactions later if you desire.

FraudGuard uses a points system to allow you to completely customise your fraud settings. If the Fraud Score exceeds 100, then the transaction will be flagged as fraudulent and not passed to the bank. You can setup FraudGuard to send an alert email or block the transaction when it has been flagged as fraudulent.

ALLOW/DECLINE transactions from selected countries

Purchase Amount
Set a minimum per transaction amount
Set a maximum per transaction amount

Customer IP location
Check to see that the customer is trying to hide their location by using an open IP proxy
Ensure that the countries of the customer's IP and the card issuing bank match
Check to see if the country of the customer's IP is from a high risk country

Customer Billing Settings
Ensure that the country of the customer's IP matches the billing country
Check that the country of the customer's IP matches the delivery country
Ensure that the delivery and billing countries match
Check that the customer's email is not from a free domain, such as Hotmail or Gmail

Transaction Screening Rules
Limit the number of transactions coming from same issuing bank in a set time period
Limit the number of declined transactions from same customer IP
Limit the number of transactions from same customer IP
Limit the number of transactions from same credit card number
Detect low transaction amount followed by high transaction amount on same card
Limit the number of transactions coming from the same customer email

Implementing Securepay API into your online store.

Your Online Shop can quickly integrate Securepay API into your online store so you can make use of automatic credit card processing.
In addition to a Securepay merchant account, you will also need a merchant account from your bank and an SSL Certificate installed on your ecommerce webiste.

Price: $100 plus GST fully installed

Please Note: Price is for installation of Securepay API only.