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Which computer and web browser should I use

Advice on which web browser and computer platform is best to use when managing your online store.

You can use almost any computer or web browser that was built after 2002. However the faster the computer and web browser is, the quicker you will be able to add products, create pages and process orders.

Overview of what is required.

The computer
Your choice of computer is very important as its the main tool you will be using to run your online business. There is one consideration that shouldnt be overlooked - Your computer must be reliable. If it crashes alot or is too slow, it will make running your online shop very difficult and frustrating.

1. A Desktop computer, Laptop computer, Notebook computer, Ipad or similar tablet computer. Smart phones like the Iphone can be used as well, however they currently will not allow you to easily add images to your online store.

2. One of the following Operating Systems - Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Apple OS10 or above, Linux Operating System.

3. An upto date JavaScript application installed and enabled.

4. An Internet connection. Faster the better.

The Browser
The more modern web browser you use, the faster and easier it will be for you to administer your site.
I recommend Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.  I dont recommend Internet Explorer as its not as fast, or reliable as the others.

1. Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE5 and above

2. JavaScript enabled

3. Cookies enabled

4. Protocols SSL3 and TLS 1 enabled